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Knitted Wire Cuff

Materials - 0.315mm purple copper wire, 0.9mm wire, selection of beads, 2mm knitting needles.

I threaded a lot of beads onto the wire, cast on 35 stitches, knit in stocking stitch until the cuff measured 4 cm, putting beads randomly on stitches, and then cast off.

I knitted it by casting on enough stitches to make it long enough to wrap round my wrist and then knitting until the cuff was as wide as I wanted (instead of casting on less stitches and knitting until it was long enough to wrap round my wrist). This makes the final piece look a lot neater - see the picture below:

You can see that the cast on and cast off edges are a lot neater than the sides of the knitting. I was going to put bars of wire down these sides so it didn't matter too much how they looked.

Here is a close up of the wire knitting:

After I'd finished the knitting I made 4 bars from the 0.9mm wire. I made curls at the ends, and on two of them I made loops in the middle, and also a hook, which was caught in one of the loops. Then I used the 0.4mm wire to fix these bars to the ends of the knitting - I just wound it round and between the two bars at each end several times.

Here is the finished product!