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October 01, 2009

Firstly just to say that I am still dithering over the exact format that the sweater "sale" will take (although it will definitely be via a just giving site), but I have picked out several things to give away, and it will definitely be starting in the next couple of weeks (and it will only be that long as we are going to Italy for a week on Saturday!). Thanks to everyone who has helped me!

I was very excited all this week, as my first month of daily photos has been drawing to a close. I am loving it - it's a fantastic way of shoe-horning a hobby into my daily routine. This means as it's part of my routine, I don't have to make time for it, when I haven't got any! This is what I've tried to do with exercise, although with admittedly less enthusiasm....

Here is September 2009:


We had really nice weather for the whole of September, so every weekend we went on nice walks, and it was a lovely month. The chickens (and their eggs) only feature 5 times, which is good, when I started I was worried it might turn into daily chicken project rather than daily photo.

Onto October!

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An unsatisfactory conclusion

September 26, 2009

Thank you so much to everyone who offered advice and opinions on this post. Everyone disagreed quite a lot, which is where all my confusion on the topic comes from in the first place! But it was really interesting to read all the different perspectives. I guess the only way to get a definitive answer is to consult a lawyer, and I really can't afford to do that over a charity sale! I might as well just give the money I would pay the lawyer to charity instead.

I contacted Rowan, fully explaining the situation and received the following response:

"Dear Ms Devine

Thank you for your query. Unfortunately Rowan cannot give you permission to sell the garments that you have knitted up due to as you are aware of the copyright reasons.

Many thanks"

This email makes me cross. It's not the refusal I object to, as I can see from comments some of you made why they might refuse, but the tone! I've been buying yarn from them for 10 years, I just wish they cared enough to put together a proper sentence. I emailed them back and asked exactly which part of what copyright law I would be infringing, as even though they seem to think I know, I actually don't, but I doubt they will reply.

So I will have to look into other options. Maybe I can give my sweaters away, and then the person I give it to can give money directly to a charity. That would work, although would rely on some trust. Maybe I can do what Sil suggested and give them to a women's shelter.

Either way, I have next week off and will try to sort something out then, even if it's just picking out the sweaters to go, and washing and blocking them all ready for donation.

Thanks everyone!

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Is this ok?

September 24, 2009

I have been wanting for ages now to sell some of my knits, to clear out cupboard space and raise some money for charity, but have been unsure of how to go about it - I want them to get enough exposure so people see them, but don't want to put them on ebay for 1 week!

I decided Etsy might be the best option, but I'm not sure about selling things knitted from published patterns. I'm only selling one of each, and probably at less than the yarn cost, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to?

I did see English yarns doing the same thing here, which makes me think it's probably ok. But I don't know!

I really want to sell them, as I don't just want to pack loved knits off to the charity shop, and I think I could probably get more money for charity that way. Does anyone know the answer?

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Finished V1099 Jacket

September 20, 2009

I actually finished this at least a week ago, but I've been kind of obsessed with taking and putting my daily photo on Flickr, so it took me until today to get Adam to take photos!

Also, I am making a few changes to get my website in order. The About page still said I was 22....I am 26. But most importantly everything is a new colour! But if you come here and things look weird, I am working on it!

Anyway, here is the jacket.



Side (it is quite swingy. But it is short enough that it works, if that makes sense...I couldn't have a jacket this shape finishing on my hips, that would be dreadful):




Contrast collar (I used a lovely goldy green silk organza):


The cute little sleeves:


Lining (I used some mystery silver lining fabric that looked nice, but was so thin and I hated working with it - I hope it wears ok):


I think this was quite a challenging project - it took me a long time to complete. The slow bits were the sleeves, hand sewing the lining in place around the hem and sleeve hems, and also sewing the sleeves in was a bit of a mission. But I really took my time and I'm glad, because I am really proud of the finished jacket. I think it is something I will definitely wear, and I think it could go to work or the pub, so it's a good item to have.

I am onto my next sewing project now! This morning I cut out some gorgeous purple silk satin for this DKNY dress, which I want to wear to our friends wedding in October. It is supposed to be easy, and I'm making it even easier by leaving out the pockets, so hopefully it will look nice and be done in time.

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September 03, 2009

Hello internet!

I still haven't finished the Vogue jacket, although I am hoping to over the next week - it's been rainy and dark this week, and I can't see well enough to sew in the evenings. I'm going to bring a lamp next to the desk to make it easier!

Instead I have started a new knitting project (even though I still haven't quite finished Mum's cardigan!). For my birthday my friend Rob gave me some lovely balls of wool, one of which was a Rowan Colourscape Chunky in Northern Lights:


I managed to get one more in the same dye lot, and then realised dye lots don't really matter too much with yarn like that, so bought another 2 in a different dye lot. I think it might be one of the most expensive yarns I've ever bought!

I'm making the Skye wrap from Kim Hargreaves book Amber. I've done one ball, and it's great to be knitting something nice and simple so I can work on it in movies etc. I don't have a photo of the project, because as I said it's been too dark and horrid!

I also decided to start a 365 project to take a photo everyday. To make it neater I started officially on 1st September, but as soon as I decided to do it I started taking more photos. Here are some of the chickens!

Margot laid a beautiful box of eggs:


She is also a bit crazy (I had some fennel leaves in my hand, and she wanted them!):


Georgina is a balancing hen. She just loves perching on things, like the arm of your garden chair, or a pot:


We love them!

Bye for now.

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Vogue 1099

August 25, 2009

Tempting though it is to plaster photos of my chickens all over the blog, I thought I'd better leave them out this time - they will be back soon!

I have been doing quite a bit of knitting and sewing recently. I had been very close to finishing Vogue 8280, but I fell out with the fabric, and it's now sitting in a bag until we make up. I'm using a wool fabric with lurex, and although it feels nice as a fabric, on the cut edges the spikey stands of lurex stick into my skin and actually give me a rash. So I'm having to retrospectively bind all the seams, which is so tedious and fiddly I don't want anything to do with it for now! Also, I'm pretty sure all my bras would show underneath the dress, which isn't exactly motivating me to finish it....

Instead of finishing that one, I have started Vogue 1099. I'm really enjoying this one!

Here's what it's supposed to look like:


I'm just making the jacket for the moment. I've got a really nice fabric - it's like a tweedy cotton. I bought a silver lining fabric, and silk organza for the contrast collar.

Here's some of my progress so far:


I'm basically making this because I love the sleeves! The body of the jacket is really big, and I hope it looks OK to wear when it's finished.

There are 40 steps, and so far I've done 20 of them, so maybe I can finish it at the weekend. I also just bought a ton more paper patterns on sale! My big goal this year is to make a winter coat (or 3!).

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Odds and Ends

August 15, 2009

I have been slowly getting along with my Mum's cardigan, and have now finished the back, both fronts, one sleeve, and started on the last sleeve. So not much further to go!

Here's a crap photo of the fronts:


I haven't made any effort to match sections of colour. I think it looks nice all random! I am quite keen to finish the cardigan, because of all the nice things to knit in the new Rowan, but also I just got the new Kim Hargreaves book, Precious, in the post as well! There are lots of lovely things in there too.

Finally, I had a lovely cuddle with the chicks the other day:


They fluttered onto my lap and stayed for ages, snoozing and preening themselves. Margot is laying eggs every now and again, and is looking splendid - a big fat glossy hen! Georgina isn't laying yet, but is getting more vocal and stronger, which is nice.

I might try and finish the second sleeve now!

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Rowan 46!

July 31, 2009

I have been stalking the John Lewis haberdashery department, and finally this week they got the new Rowan - hurrah! It looked very promising on the internet, but I don't think you can get a proper idea until you see the magazine, because the images are so much bigger.


I have got all the Rowans from 28 onwards, with the exception of 44, where literally nothing appealed to me at all. However, since it was released I have seen some projects from it on Ravelry which made me reconsider, so maybe I will get it one of these days, to make the set complete if nothing else! My least favourite one is still 39 - by a MILE. The styling is horrific.

Anyway! Back to the issue in question.

There are 3 main sections (plus some bit for teenagers), the first is Folklore - lots of tweedy, fairisle goodness. To be honest although it is lovely to look at it, most of it is a bit much for me. But I do really love this vest, Portree:


It would be nice if there was a photo without the model thrown over a sofa though. Then we could see what it actually looks like! I might wait for someone on Ravelry to make one, to get a better idea!!

And these little mitts are cute - they kind of match the vest so I would like to make both!


The only thing I don't like is that like every Rowan design ever they are knit flat and seamed, which seems a bit unneccessary for mittens. I think the seam would maybe be annoying, but I bet I'm too lazy to work out how to do them in the round.

The next section is Shadowlands. Which is lots of grey and sludge coloured garments in Cocoon and Big Wool mostly.

I must remain strong and not knit anything in Big Wool! I always do it, because it's so fast and I'm such a slow knitter, but then you end up with such a bulky garment, and it makes you look huge and it won't fit under a coat!

I initially loved this crazy jumper, Cheadle:


But it really does pad out that slim model a lot. I'm not sure it would be very flattering, even if it is very cool.

Also I really like this one, Stockport:


But I also am not sure how flattering it would be. I think it might minimise my miniscule bust, and then end near my widest part, giving a big triangle effect. But I still like it anyway!

Finally, the third section is called Heritage and is all extremely ladylike.

My favourite garment here is Sissinghurst:


It would take me about 10 million hours in 4 ply, but I think it's lovely, I also might pick slightly different colours.

Finally! It is mad and I doubt I'd ever wear it, but I still absolutely love this argyle jumper, Claremont:


I'm not sure exactly what it is about it, but I really like it.

Well! Whether I'll actually make any of that remains to be seen, I still have to finish Mum's noro cardigan, and a whole heap of other neglected things! But I think it's a great magazine this time, with lots of lovely things to knit that are a bit different.

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At least someone has been making something!

July 26, 2009

Oh hello chickens! Margot, why are you inside on this sunny day?


Let's have a look through the egg door! What's this under your fluffy bottom?!




A lovely little egg! Still warm!


Margot laid her first egg yesterday - it was outrageously eggciting! I was so proud of her! I think she was a bit confused though. I ran screeching to get Adam, and we both held the warm little egg. We were hoping she would do another one today, so we could both have one for our afternoon tea, but she didn't, so we shared this one - hard boiled for 6 minutes, shelled and then eaten, half each, with a little salt and pepper - yum!

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Sewing - Vogue 1087

July 23, 2009

Following on from how much I enjoyed making all those dresses for the wedding, I decided that I would try and get into sewing a bit more after the wedding. It's weird, we both did so much for the wedding that we never had any free time, but now it's over, I seem to spend all my free time too tired to do anything, so it's like I don't have any more time now than before - it's a bit rubbish really. Consequently I have loads of very cool Vogue patterns bought on sale, but have only made one of them yet!

I really loved the look of Vogue 1087, a Donna Karan dress, my only reservation being that it might be too well fitting, so if I made it to fit my tiny bust I wouldn't be able to shoehorn my giant bum into it (my hips are 2 dress sizes larger than my bust!). But still, I thought it was a stunner, and there were a couple of good reviews on pattern reviews, so I decided to go for it.

It took a while, because it was quite fiddly, but here is the finished result:




I think it is a fabulous design, but an AWFUL pattern! It wasn't too hard to do really. It was a pain, because there were about a trillion markings required and lots of funny folding and pleating, but it wasn't too bad. What was bad was the fact it is abominably finished!

It isn't lined, which to be fair you can tell from the pattern description, but oh my word, the number of unfinished edges! Some of them aren't even turned under - I turned them under and stitched them in place. And there is one bit where you make a pleat/tuck/something, and baste it in place, but then never actually catch it in a seam! So you finish the instructions, and there is still one pleat held in place with crappy hand stitching. I sewed along the seam allowance and removed the basting, which worked ok. Also, the bodice piece just hangs in the air on the inside of the dress, not very well secured to anything else.

I can't imagine the dress wearing terribly well when it's not finished properly. It seems a bit of a con to be honest - very expensive pattern, but then finished not in a designer way at all. It's annoying when it's such a pretty dress, and I spent HOURS on it! Oh well, I suppose no one can see the inside....

I was worried to post all this, in case it was my ignorance that was the problem not the pattern, but I later found another review on a blog saying all the things I had thought - it is here. I just read that review again and I have to say also I agree that it gapes at the back neck. I tried to fix it but didn't manage very well!

So in conclusion: A very lovely dress but a shame about the finishing. I really enjoyed making it and am going to do some more sewing tonight!

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